Hey, this is Jacob with living water irrigation in Tulsa. Today we’re going to be talking about effective irrigation scheduling. Having an effective irrigation schedule that has put together for the upcoming spring, summer and fall is not only useful to help manage water and costs, but also to help reduce disease runoff erosion fertilizer. An effective schedule contributes to healthier grass and a better play ability. It is also very important. We noted that it is increased safety, the creation of the different irrigation schedules that have matured if they’re out that didn’t with the many different ways from the new methods and the old methods of arbitrary runtimes for spray times and wrote his own times to utilizing full water audits, irrigation, Tulsa. While these newer scheduling methods are more efficient, many turf managers may lack the resources and experience to develop highly efficient irrigation schedules for irrigation in Tulsa. Among the variety of solutions that we have for irrigation, when it comes to scheduling, there are now Wifi and smart controllers that companies are putting on the market by many different manufacturers that can help assist with the irrigation scheduling of the daily adjustments. These controllers are also known as smart controllers and their irrigation controllers that had the ability to adjust and change the different run times for the irrigation system in Tulsa, and this can also be based on weather conditions, these smart product offerings very greatly in costs and complexity. Some manufacturers will change prices and have simple additional add on centers for the weather that can provide onsite weather data. That is relatively true and that also may be compatible with old controllers as well.


Other more complex solutions that may need help with existing field controllers, they may need to be replaced and add a subscription cost that is paid out per month. Well, smart controllers can be relatively useful when it comes to effective irrigation scheduling and Tulsa. Another consideration is that web based controllers often need significant initial observation and adjustment before the schedule was perfected in optimal performance can be reached. Another option to assist with irrigation scheduling is the use of moisture sensors. These sensors also known as rain sensors from Hunter Irrigation that we buy in for irrigation. Tulsa help stop the system from running whenever it is raining outside. This by hooking up a wireless sensor to your system and placing on the outside. After hooking up the wireless monitor to your system, you place the rain sensor outside in an open area where rain can enter the report and we’ll Florida court and when the cork is floated and it sends a signal to the controller to not run the spring course for the day. These have become very effective on products over the last few years and are much more popular now that they are wireless. The old ones he used to be wired and you had to run a wire through the walls to the outside of your house, but with Irrigation Tulsa we have figured out that is not something you have to do anymore

regardless of any other technologies that have been available to us. It is relatively important to think that having a well running system is important to make sure you’re utilizing your water resources. It is always a good idea for older systems, especially to have a tuneup every year before turning them on. Some old systems may not work properly and may need to be replaced and that is something we can do here at living water irrigation in Tulsa here at living water irrigation in Tulsa. We can help you set an irrigation watering schedule by coming to your house and showing you how to use the control where that you have available. If you would like a new controller, we can install a new controller. There is even wifi controllers on the market currently. These wifi controllers set up somewhere in the garage or in another location or the house and can be reached by Wifi through an app that you can download on your phone and these can be accessed through anywhere in the entire United States regardless of your location, as long as you have cell phone service and irrigation. Tulsa irrigation schedules can depend on the type of grass you have, the type of plants you have in your flower bed, and even the type of sprinklers you have and the type of trees you have. So depending on what you have available to you, then that is how we can help you schedule your irrigation schedule. And Tulsa here at living water irrigation. And we try to do things a little bit differently. We truly put the customer first and we will never tell the customer no. We always find a way to say yes.


Soils can be thought of as a water reservoir and the different kinds of soil play a role in deciding how much water will be retained.


However, sandy soils are able to absorb water being applied a longer period of time then those clays, hype soils. So it is important to note that depending on your type of soil, it will vary the water absorption rate, it is better to water your grass in the mornings to stop evaporation. It is best to water around 5:00 AM and whenever we come visit a house, we typically schedule automatically for the sprinkling to happen every other day at 5:00 AM thank you for listening to this article and here at living water irrigation in Tulsa, we provide the best irrigation Tulsa services for irrigation in Tulsa. Thank you.

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