We are here to provide you with 10 incredible facts about what the next time you need something like Edmond OK Sprinkler Repair, you know exactly who to call for any of your irrigation needs. Were to start off by saying that one of our favorite reasons and one of the ones that we are most proud of here Living Water Irrigation is the fact that we are the highest and most reviewed irrigation company in Oklahoma. We have over 500 reviews and hundreds of those reviews, the vast majority of those reviews are five-star reviews. We’ve only been around for a couple of years that we’ve had tremendous success that leads us to fact number two which is the fact that we had been featured nationally on programs like good morning America, Fox news and the Washington Post. We’ve had national exposure because we are all about serving others in which you can find more about our story on our website whenever you go to livingwaterirrigationok.com.

Whenever you need a Edmond OK Sprinkler Repair, there’s no better solution instead of Oklahoma especially if you and Oakland city of Tulsa Metro area than Living Water Irrigation. We provide you with all commercial and residential irrigation needs to include all system design and installation, the repairs needed, tuneups and diagnostics, winterization and drainage. That was fact number four, and that is going to fact number five, not only do we offer you all the services as irrigation company, but we’ve also had a couple of new services to our wheelhouse, and that is the fact that we now offer outdoor lighting outdoor audio services as well. If you want crystal-clear sound surrounding your outdoor spaces and let us know, and we can also provide you with high quality beautiful outdoor lighting and also as a layer of safety to your home or your business.

Reason number six the show is call us which is one of our favorite fun facts is the fact that we also can help you with drainage. People often forget that irrigation is as much about finding out ways to take water away as well is adding water to a situation. It goes both ways. To not only can we bring you the one that you need, we can help you get rid of the water that you don’t. Our next fund fact is the fact that here at Living Water Irrigation, one of our favorite policies here is that we are always on time and on budget. You can always count us to make sure that we arrived on time for every job that we accomplished the goal on time as always remain on budget every single time.

In fact number eight is the fact that whenever you call us out for the first time for service on your system, whether we sold or not, it’s just give me one dollar for the service call. But fact number nine is the fact that we offer a free consultation an estimate every single one of our customers. Always available to matter what the situation is and no matter how many times you come to us. And for the last freebie and for our last fund fact, we like everybody to know that whenever you come to us for installation, you’re always you get the rain sensor for free with the installation to the full $150 value.

If any of these fun facts strikes a chord with you and you find yourself in need of Edmond OK Sprinkler Repair, the know hesitate to reach out to us and set up your consultation an estimate at no charge by getting in touch with us directly 918-237-6181, we can always go to our website to find out much of this information on your own anytime at livingwaterirrigationok.com.

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Whenever you find yourself in need of Edmond OK Sprinkler Repair, here Living Water Irrigation we like to point out that one of the best reasons to give us a call, is simply for the fact that most people do. Living Water Irrigation, we are the highest and most reviewed irrigation company in the state of Oklahoma. Just give us a simple Google search, and you can see that we have hundreds of five-star reviews. We actually have over 500 of these total, and if you want to make sure that you getting the best, the call us here Living Water Irrigation. The people leave was great reviews because they know that they’re getting the all-around best value in of the give us call.

So when you call us out for something like Edmond OK Sprinkler Repair, you can feel very confident about the fact that you are calling the Best as a company that is only dedicated to make sure that you get high quality irrigation results high-quality work, but you’re also going company that is 100% dedicated to customer service. We started this company to provide you with revolutionary customer service and developing long-lasting relationships between our team and the customers. We say that so far we been some very successful in that pursuit, and people really admire the work that we do each and every time they give us a call. That is for several reasons. The only can we handle any type of irrigation problems for you, we do so with customer service in mind that we always try to overdeliver and provide you with the highest level of efficiency.

To encourage you to get touch with us whenever you need us, no matter if it is Edmond OK Sprinkler Repair worth it is an entirely new installation, because we can help you. Only can we help you with installation for repairs but we can also do tuneups diagnostics, drainage winterization and we also have added outdoor lighting outdoor audio to our list of services here as well now. So if you want to make sure that you’re getting the most of your landscapes, the give us a call. The only can we get you results with our irrigation to making the grass greener and making everything look better and more alive and lush, but we can also make sure that we fill your outdoor spaces with crystal-clear music and make sure that it looks fantastic after dark.

We bring each and every day by always remaining on time and on budget, and provide you with highs a list of efficiency with the most certified experienced and professional technicians available. And we always make sure that an effort to provide you with efficiency and better value, we offer you some real no-brainers. It’s an absolute no-brainer when you’re trying to call an irrigation company because first of all we offer you a free consultation an estimate. We provide no obstacles getting the information that you need, when you need it. We also give you your first service call from us for just one dollar which is generally a savings of hundreds of dollars, and you, then we also provide you with a free rain sensor which is worth $150.

You’re interested in what we can do for you and if you feel like who you should choose every need irrigation services then we encourage you to do so at the same calling whenever you need us anytime at 918-237-6181, or you can also find out more information and also reach out to us whenever you need us to our website at livingwaterirrigationok.com.

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