Today we’re going to be talking about at living water, irrigation, Tulsa, the different nozzles the hunter irrigation makes. Hunter has a wide variety of different products. They have stuff for the professionals who’ve installed the product and who use the products. They have even a little section for different kinds of nozzles for golf and for different homeowners depending on what kind of yards you have. Okay. The first type of nozzle that we’re going to talk about is the hunter MP rotator. The hunter NP road here has an average radius anywhere from eight feet to 35 feet. This can be adjusted with a little tool that you twist down in the little nozzle and it makes it go farther or shorter.

The next nozzle from Hunter Irrigation Tulsa that are going to be talking about is the NP rotator MP 800 series. This series has a radius that goes anywhere from six feet to 16 feet and this one is one of the more popular ones I the NP rotators that we use. We use it pretty often this depending on somebodies yard. The third one we’re going to be talking about is the pro adjustable nozzles. These pro adjustable nozzles, depending on how they are tightened down and set up, have their spray radius of anywhere from four feet all the way up to 17 feet. These, while they’re very, very good nozzles, we don’t use them as often as the other ones, but there are still very, very good nozzles. The next and also we’re gonna be talking about is a pro fixed nozzle. These spray in a fixed direction from a radius up to from five feet up to 17 feet. They can be adjusted by using that same tool to insert it into the nozzle and turning it and that will determine how much water is put out from the nozzle. The next nozzle is the short radius micro spray. This is used for flower beds are for areas that water does not need to travel very far. Um, the radius for this short area micro spray nozzle is anywhere from two to six feet and it comes in quarter spray, half spray and full spray.

And next nozzle is the strip pattern nozzle. It sprays in a certain pattern. It is fixed and it sprays different distances. Depending on how you have it set up, it can go anywhere from six feet all the way up to about 12 feet, maybe even a little bit, maybe around 15 feet depending on how much water pressure you have. A lot of these nozzles are, the distances that are sprayed are determined on the water pressure. If you have poor water pressure than the Naugles not going to need a little push the water out and often if you have four water pressure and then also his aren’t raising from the head, it is a good sign that there’s a week somewhere in the line or one of the heads or nozzles from the sprinkler system is a leaking. This is very common and it can normally be a pretty simple fix that if you call us at living water irrigation, Tulsa, we can get this taken care of for you.

Irrigation Tulsa. The next thing we’re going to be talking about is a stream nozzle. The stream nozzle puts out a very strong stream of water that’s able to fight against wind and some of the elements, and it has a radius of seven feet and it goes out all the way to 18 feet. Depending on how far down you have the screw in the top of the nozzle twisted, it can be adjusted to spray exactly where you want it to spray as Ken, most of the adjustable nozzles, that hundred irrigation Tulsa makes. The next one is, it’s called a bubbler as a bubbler and bubbler nozzle. It typically just praise one to one and a half feet. And as for flowerbeds beds that do not require much water. Now like I said, all of these nozzles require anywhere from 30 to 40 pounds of pressure of water pressure to activate them and make them work properly. So places with poor water pressure may not get to the maximum radius that they need if they’re water pressure doesn’t allow them to do so.

And then next thing we’re going to be talking about today is how great their stream nozzles are. There have adjustable art from 25 degrees all the way up to 360 degrees and there are multiple streams provide the lower application rate to avoid the runoff from the soil. It is a great choice for places that have slopes and ground cover and shrubbery and the NP rotator NBA 800 series has many different nozzles that are a part of it. It can go from, like I said, six to 16 feet has a three year warranty, can go anywhere from 90 degrees to 360 degrees and it can put down approximately 0.8 inches of water in one hour.

The NP rotator as a high efficiency rotator nozzle and it can spray up to 35 feet with also a three year warranty and it has anywhere from a 45 degree arc to a 360 degree arc and it can put down just under half an inch of water in one hour. The pro adjustable nozzle can go up for new anywhere from four to 17 feet has a two year warranty and can go from a zero to 360 degree arc. When needed. The fixed spray nozzle can go five to 17 feet as a two year warranty in his 45 360 degree arc and can put down 1.5 to 2.08 inches of water per hour and going back to the pro adjustable and also it can put down 1.6 to 6.45 inches of water per hour depending on the customer’s needs. The side strip is a fix spray nozzle and it can go anywhere from five by 15 five by 30 or nine by 18 it comes with the two year warranty and it’s arc is a rectangle and it can put down approximately 3.34 inches of water into the ground per hour cause precipitation triangle was 1.67 inches of water per hour.

These specialty nozzle is a stream nozzle and it has a radius of seven 18 feet with a two year warranty and has an arc of 25 to 360 degrees. It puts down approximately half of one inch of water up to two and a third inches of water. At point is point to five one to 2.29 inches per hour. It’s precipitation triangle is 0.59 to 2.64 inches per hour. That specialty nozzle is a bubbler and like I said earlier, if it’s done in anywhere from one to one and a half inches, feet of radius one but the one and a half foot radius with the two year warranty, it has a 45 degrees at the 360 degree arc and its precipitation square is not available and it’s specification triangle was not available. The certain nozzles are co or coated depending on how far they sprayed. There are some that are five eight 10 1215 and even more. They have automatic match precipitation if you get the NBA rotator series and maximum water efficiency for those as well, but all except the side strip and the stream Oswald’s are color coded and that said they are color coded depending on the distance that you need them to spray in. The strip pattern on the NP rotator 800 series has short, deep watering and strip pattern.

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